ECNF - European Conference on Nano Films

22/03/2010 00:00
25/03/2010 23:59

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The conference intends to provide a global and applicative oriented vision of European Research on Nanofilms.

In order to support and reinforce European excellence in the field, this multisession conference will promote exchanges and linkage between scientific and industrials players.

The conference will review topics related to big and modern challenges addressed by the scientific community to solve society issues, to sustain technology development and to improve the quality of life.

Besides traditional plenary sessions, invited and submitted presentations, thematic round tables will be organised to allow interaction between the attendees.

Organised in the frame of the European Network of Excellence on Nanofilms, the conference aims to promote integration and sustainability of research and knowledge spreading activities.

Preview to the conference, tutorial session will be organised for young researchers and new professionals.

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