European post-graduate training on Nanofilms Module IV & II (part 2)



« European post-graduate training on Nanofilms »

Standing on its expertise the EXCELL/VINF consortium launched a training program with advanced lectures and seminars related to Nanofilms Science and Technology. The fundamental aim of the program is to provide formation on available methodologies in the field fof nanostructured thin films and coatings: Preparation; characterisation; mechanical, optical and biomedical applications and the fundamental aspects in clusters and nano-objects. The program is based on 5 modules covering the main aspect of the synthesis, characterization and some selected applications of the Nano-films.

The program is dedicated to students (PhDs), young scientists (post-docs) and personnel working in industries. Each module consists in 1-2 weeks intensive course. The 5 modules will be offered in a 12-24 months period. Students can follow 1 to 5 modules and the certificates will be independent for each module.



2 YEARS PROGRAM (2009 – 2010)

Module I.

Nanofilms preparation: deposition techniques, surface modification.

January, 11-18th, 2009, Brussels (Belgium).

Module II.

Nanofilms characterization: structural and chemical analysis, surface analysis.

January 11-18th, 2009, Brussels (Belgium).

Module III.

Nanofilms and Nano-objects: fundamental aspects.

June 1-6th, 2009, Frankfurt


Module IV.

Mechanical applications and optical characterization of Nanofilms.

October 2009, Moscow


Module V.

Nanofilms for biological applications.

May 2010, Haifa


Modules IV :  Mechanical applications and optical characterization of Nanofilms

State Technological University “Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys” and Institute of Spectroscopy of Russian Academy of Sciences
Co-organized by CR5 and CR6

October 19-23, 2009

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Registration form should be received at MISIS before July 01, 2009 by fax or e-mail:
fax: +7 (495) 236-52-98


Prof. D.V. Shtansky
Tel: +7 (495) 638-4535

Program funded by the European Commission
(FP6 Program)