Recent Developments in the processing and applications

24/05/2008 00:00
07/07/2008 23:59

The Italian researchers of Metallurgy are glad to invite all the scientists involved worldwide in studies on Metals and Alloys to a special conference to be held at Como Lake on 22-27 June 2008.

The conference is entitled “Recent Developments in the processing and applications of structural metals and alloys ”.

The aim of this Conference is to provide a platform for scientists and engineers to share experience and knowledge in the field of most recent achievements in fundamentals and technological aspects of metallurgy.

The conference will serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas among international researchers on the latest developments of thermo-mechanical processing as well as hot and cold deformation of metals, particularly conventional and nanostructured materials for structural applications.

A nanostructured multifunctional coating session will also be organized. Top experts on this field will gather with the mission of enunciating the state of the art and of identifying areas for further research.

General Information

-conference location

Como Lake, Italy. Grand Hotel di Como.

-conference secretariat

E-Mail: / Fax: +39 016533222

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