Training for SME's

12/01/2010 00:00
12/02/2010 23:59

VINF and Marche Polytechnic University in collaboration with M.T.M turnery (Castelfidardo, Ancona, Italy) are organizing one day of courses for SMEs, dedicated to the use of nanostructured hard coatings for tools for machining, forming and stamping. The principles and practises of deposition and use of coatings such as Ti-(Cr,Al)-Si-N, will be illustrated with special emphasis on protective coatings for tools to extend their life and increase their performances (e.g. higher cutting speed for cutting tools).

The event will be held on February 12th, 2010 at the Marche Polytechnic University (via Brecce Bianche, Ancona, Italy) in the Department of Engineering. The courses will be taught by Prof. Stan Veprek, from Technical University of Munich (Garching, Germany) and member of VINF.

For more info, please contact Raimondo Cecchini (