Workshop: European Women in Science

03/06/2009 00:00
03/06/2009 23:59



 “European Women in Science - Past, Current and Future Issues”

June, 3, Wednesday
Frankfurt, Germany

The European Commission publishes on a regular basis “The Figures on Women in Higher Education and in Science & Technology jobs”. Despite the fact that women now account for almost 60% of University graduates, they remain a clear minority among researchers in Europe. In 2003, they represented only 29% of the workforce. By looking at the higher education sector, only 15% of those at the highest academic grade (for example full professor, or head of department) are women. The gender imbalance in this senior grade is even greater in engineering and technology, where women account for just 6%.


In the private sector just 18% of researchers in business and enterprise are women, even though this is the largest R&D sector in most countries, and the one that will need to provide two-thirds of the financing required to meet the EU target 3% of GDP devoted to Research and Development.


Aware of the problem, many organisations have been set up, that are devoted to the improvement of the gender chances equality in Europe. Different kinds of association can be distinguished at various levels; from the women of a given research group (Women in Physics group) up to European organisation (Centre of Excellence: women and science).

The EXCELL Network of Excellence, in association with the Virtual Institute of NanoFilms VINF, represents women from different European countries, working in the field of nanofilms. The aim of this workshop was to summarize the current situation of European women in science, to exchange experiences from various European countries and to analyse potential solutions for promoting gender equality.








Opening and greetings

FIAS Founding Director Walter Greiner


Historical talk: Lisa Meitner

Irina Solovyeva (FIAS)

14:25- 14:40

Overview of the current situation in Europe

Axelle van Harten

14:40- 15:20

Women promotion in Germany and Hessen

Anja Wolde, a chair of the women committee JW Goethe University





A VINF European survey : statistics and conclusions

Maritza Veprek- Heijman, TUM

15:35- 15:50

The Spanish situation. The example of actions in the Spanish Research Council CSIC".


AsuncionFernendez Camacho (ISME, Seville)

15:50- 16:05

Women in Institute of Spectroscopy: science and public life.


Nadezda Novikova (ISP, Troitsk, Russia)

16:05- 16:20

Belgium Women in Science

Marie-Paule Delplancke (ULB, Brussels, Belgium)




17:00- 18:00

Round table discussion

Chair: Marie Haidopoulo



FIAS Faculty Club


If you wish to attend, please contact Dr. Irina Solov'yeva from Frankfurt Institute for Advanced studies at