MBN Explorer - an advanced program for simulating molecular and nanostructured materials

Reference: JOB342
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Employer: FIAS Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies
Contact: Prof. Dr. Andrey Solov'yov
Url: http://www.fias.uni-frankfurt.de/mbn

MBN Science Group at the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies

We are looking for enthusiastic young people to join our team
(as Master or PhD students)

We are seeking a candidate to work on further development of a multi-purpose computer code MesoBioNano Explorer (MBN Explorer). This computer program is designed to study molecular systems of various degrees of complexity. In particular, MBN Explorer is suited to compute a system energy, to optimize structures, as well as to simulate the molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo dymanics. A broad variety of interatomic potentials implemented MBN Explorer allows to simulate structure and dynamics of different molecular systems, such as atomic clusters, fullerenes, nanotubes, proteins, DNA, composite systems, nanofractals, etc. A distinct feature of the program, which makes it significantly different from the already existing codes, is its universality and applicability to the description of a broad range of complex molecular systems.
We are looking for enthusiastic young people to join our team and to conduct state of the art research in the field of MesoBioNano Science. The work on the program development will be integrated with a broad range of research activities of the MesoBioNano Science group of the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies and involve the calculations on modern supercomputer clusters based on CPU and GPU.

Candidate prerequisites
1.    Self motivation
2.    Basic knowledge in physics, chemistry and/or biophysics
3.    Excellent knowledge of object oriented programming languages
4.    Knowledge of advanced numerical algorithms
5.    Knowledge of parallel computing
6.    Knowledge of CUDA/OpenCL programming
7.    Excellent English knowledge

If you feel interested please feel free to contact Prof. Dr. Andrey Solov'yov, solovyov@fias.uni-frankfurt.de

More information about the MBN Science Group can be found on the group webpages online: www.fias.uni-frankfurt.de/mbn or on the official FIAS website www.fias.uni-frankfurt.de