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In 1968 (November 29) the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences resolved in its decree No.863: “In accordance with the decision No.15, item 4 (March 26, 1968) of the USSR Government State Committee on Science and Technology the Institute of Spectroscopy of the USSR Academy of Sciences should be organized on the basis of the Laboratory of the Commission for Spectroscopy. The Institute is an institution of the USSR Academy of Sciences Department of General Physics and Astronomy”. 

Main scientific trends of the research work of the Institute were defined by that decision but their content changed in time, and nowadays they may be formulated in the following way: 

1. Spectroscopy of atoms, ions, molecules, clusters, bulk and surface states of condensed media and development of new methods of spectroscopy optics of near field, nanooptics . 

2. Laser spectroscopy with accent on specific influence of the light on a substance and its application for isotope separation, cooling of atoms, modification of molecules surrounding in matrices, and also in photochemistry, photobiology, analytical chemistry, etc. 

3. Analytical spectroscopy and its application in technology control, in environmental monitoring, in life-support systems, in studies of natural and technologic disasters, etc. 

4. Development and design of unique spectral instrumentation, analytical devices, lasers, registration systems, methods of measurements necessary for research work and applications. 

5. Training of researchers of highest qualification. 

The qualification and abilities of the Institute are generally recognized both in Russia and abroad. The founder of the Institute and its director during the first 20 years, the USSR Acad. Sci. Corresponding Member Professor Sergey L. Mandelstam did a great deal for choosing trends of research work and gathering the scientific stuff representing various scientific traditions and schools. It was he who laid the principles covering all the main trends in spectroscopy, interaction of theoretical and experimental research works both in fundamental and in applied researches, close relations with universities and industry in the USSR and with advanced world research centers as well. 

The Institute carries out spectral investigations of atoms, multicharged ions, plasma, molecules (both the simplest molecules in gas phase and complex organic ones in solid matrices), liquids, crystals and films, multilayer thin structures, superlattices, quantum wells, other nanostructures, high temperature superconductors, solid state surfaces, biological objects. 

The important scientific trend of the Institute from the very moment of its foundation is provision with methods and apparatus for fundamental researches based on the use of new methods of investigation for designing the spectral instruments, and also the use of lasers, computers and other means for substantial increase in sensitivity, spectral, temporal and spatial resolution, precision and high speed of spectroscopic and analytical measurements. Many methods and devices were based on inventions and were designed in the Institute, and they are very promising as for their applications in national economy, defense, medicine and ecology. 

The studied spectra cover a wide spectral range from X-rays to microwaves. The Institute has a series of unique spectral instruments and setups: 

- instruments having high spectral resolution up to 10-6cm-1, time resolution up to 3x10-14s, and local resolution up to 5 nm. 

- methods and instruments for ultrasensitive detection of atom traces (isotopes) and molecules in gaseous, liquid and solid samples with detection limit up to several femtograms (10-15gram) in a sample; 

- methods and instruments for investigation of ultra thin films (down to monolayers) on the surface of metals and dielectrics and for new surface physics data; 

Over whelming majority of researches corresponds to the very high world scientific levels. During 35 years of existence of the Institute more than 100 researches were qualified as Candidate of sciences (PhD equivalent) and 40 researches as Doctor of phys.-math. sciences. The list of Doctor dissertation titles is in Appendix 1 as they do reflect the main trends of research works of the Institute. 

During this period our researches published more than 4800 articles in scientific journals (about 2000 in leading international journals). 41 monographs are published, majority of them was translated in English. The list of them is in Appendix 2. 

The next parts of the booklet is a brief survey of scientific activity of the Institute in the basic research field. 

Nowadays scientific structure of Institute of Spectroscopy includes: 

Atomic Spectroscopy Department - 18 researches, chief of department - Prof. A.N.Ryabtsev, includes Atomic Spectroscopy Laboratory (Prof. A.N.Ryabtsev) and Laboratory of Plasma Spectroscopy (Dr. K.N.Koshelev); 

Molecular Spectroscopy Department - 32 researches, chief of department - Dr. V.G.Koloshnikov, includes Laboratory of Molecular Spectroscopy of High Resolution and Analytical Spectroscopy (Dr. V.G.Koloshnikov), Section of microwave spectroscopy (Prof. B.S.Dumesh) and Section of Electronic Spectra of Molecules (Dr. Yu.G.Vainer),); 

Department of Condensed Media Spectroscopy - 27 researches, chief of department - Prof. E.A.Vinogradov, includes Laboratory of Spectroscopy of Condensed Media (Prof. B.N.Mavrin), Laboratory of Spectroscopy of Semiconductor Structures (Prof. E.A.Vinogradov) and Section of fourier-spectroscopy of the Center of collective using “Optical-spectral measurement ISAN” (Prof. M.N.Popova); 

Laser Spectroscopy Department - 31 researches, chief of department - Prof. V.S.Letokhov), includes Laser Spectroscopy Laboratory (Prof. V.S.Letokhov), Laboratory of Excited Molecular States Spectroscopy (Prof. E.A.Ryabov), Laboratory of Spectroscopy of Ultrafast Processes (Prof. S.V.Chekalin) and Section of femtosecond spectroscopy of the Center of collective using “Optical-spectral measurement ISAN” (Dr. Yu.A.Matveets); 

Department of Laser-Spectral Instrumentation - 18 researches, chief of department - Prof. O.N.Kompanets; 

Theoretical Department - 11 researches, chief of department - Prof. V.M.Agranovich, includes Section of Spectroscopy of Phase Transitions (Prof. A.G.Malshukov) and Section of Nonlinear Spectroscopy (Prof. S.A.Darmanyan); 

Laboratory of Spectroscopy of Nanostructures - 10 researches, chief of laboratory - Dr. Yu.E.Lozovik; 

Laboratory of Experimental Methods of Spectroscopy - 2 researches, chief of laboratory - Dr.E.B.Perminov. 

The Institute is responsible for the Rus.Ac.Sci. Scientific Council on the Problem “Spectroscopy of Atoms and Molecules” – one of the oldest Council in the Department of Phisics Sciences RAS. During the long time the chief of department was The founder of the Institute the USSR Acad. Sci. Corresponding Member Professor Sergey L. Mandelstam . Actually the head of Council is Russian Acad.Sci. Corresponding Member Professor I.I.Sobel'man, the Deputy Chairman is Prof. E.A.Vinogradov and Scientific Secretary is Dr. L.A.Bureyeva. Scientific Council on the Problem “Spectroscopy of Atoms and Molecules” leads big scientific-organizing work under the help of ISAN. In 2001 XXII Congress on spectroscopy was held. In December 2003 was held XVII Conference “Fondamental Atomic Spectroscopy”. 

At present 256 persons work in the Institute, 160 researches are working in the scientific laboratories and scientific-technical divisions together with physics engineers and post-graduate students, including 30 Professors, 53 Doctors, 40 employees of Experimental Production Department, about 40 - in auxiliary services. Administrative and Management staff is 16 employees. 

The founder of the Institute Professor S.L.Mandelstam was at the head of the Institute till 1989. The present Director of the Institute is Prof. E.A.Vinogradov, his Deputies are Prof. O.N.Kompanets (Scientific work), A.Yu.Plodukhin  (Deputy Financial Director) and E.I.Yulkin (General problems), the Scientific Secretary is Dr. E.B.Perminov.

The Scientific Council considers all principal problems of the Institute scientific activity and consists of E.A.Vinogradov (Council Chairman), O.N.Kompanets (Deputy Chairman), E.B.Perminov (Scientific Secretary) and leading scientists: V.M.Agranovich, D.P.Antonyuk, V.I.Balykin,  M.A.Bolshov, L.A.Bureeva, Yu.G.Vainer, B.S.Dumesh,  A.M.Kamchatnov, V.G.Koloshnikov, K.N.Koshelev, V.S.Letokhov, Yu.E.Lozovik, B.N.Mavrin, G.N.Makarov, A.G.Malshukov, Yu.A.Matveets, M.N.Popova, E.A.Ryabov, A.N.Ryabtsev, S.V.Chekalin, V.A.Yakovlev.

The Institute has a Specialized Scientific Council that gives qualification of Dr. and Prof. of the specialties “Optics” and “Theoretical Physics” (Council Chairman is E.A.Vinogradov, Scientific Secretary is M.N.Popova). 

The Quantum Optics Department (Chairman is Prof. E.A.Vinogradov and Deputy Chairman is Dr. V.G.Koloshnikov) of Moscow Physical-Technical Institute is attached to the Institute of Spectroscopy and guarantees entering of talented and promising young researches.

In 2000 was prolonged the Institute licence for education activities in the field of post graduate education for the next specialties: ”Optics”, “Theoretical physics”, “Solid State Physics” and “Laser Physics”.

The scientific and technical library of the Institute has one of the most perfect in Russia literature selection on spectroscopy.

The successes of the Institute scientists were recognized with a number of the highest scientific prizes:

S.L.Mandelstam was awarded the USSR State Prize for the works on x-rays Solar emission (1977);
- Academician D.S.Rozhdestvensky Prize for the works on the spectroscopy of multiply ionized atoms (1977);

V.S.Letokhov (together with V.P.Chebotaev ) was awarded the Lenin Prize for the works on nonlinear laser spectroscopy (1978);

A.A.Makarov, Yu.A.Gorokhov, A.A.Puretsky, E.A.Ryabov, N.P.Furzikov were awarded the Lenin Komsomol Prize for the works on laser separation of isotopes 1978);

M.R.Aliev - Prize of the USSR and Czechoslovakia Academies of Sciences for the works on the theory of vibration-rotational spectroscopy of molecules (1982);

V.G.Koloshnikov and Yu.A.Kuritsyn (in cooperation with researches from Ac. Sci. Phys. Inst. and others) were awarded the USSR State Prize for the works on diode laser Spectroscopy of high resolution (1985); 

E.I.Alshits, L.A.Bykovskaya, R.I.Personov, B.M.Kharlamov (in cooperation with the scientists from the Estonian Acad. Sci. Phys. Inst. and others) were awarded the USSR State Prize for the works on selective laser excitation of the luminescence in frozen solutions (1986);

V.M.Agranovich was awarded the Alexandre-fon Gumboldt Prize ( Germany , 1992), the P.Kapitsa Prize (United Kingdom, 1993) for the works on solid physics, and Academician L.I.Mandelstam Prize ( Russian Academy of Sciences for theoretical investigations on surface spectroscopy (1997); 

R.I.Personov was awarded the Alexandre-fon Gumboldt Prize ( Germany , 1995); 

V.S.Letokhov - Honoris Causa Doctor of Paris-North University (France , 1995);

V.S.Letokhov - Quantum Electronics Prize of the European Physical Society in 1998 for pioneering and far reaching contributions to the study of laser matter interactions, including atom optics, laser cooling, laser induced chemistry and laser analytical techniques (1998); 

V.S.Letokhov, V.I.Balykin, V.G.Minogin were awarded Academician D.S.Rozhdestvensky Prize for the cycle of works “Laser cooling and traping of atoms” (2001); 

O.N.Kompanets - Gold medal and Diploma of the 50th World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New Technology (Brussels, "Eureka", 2001); 

V.S.Letokhov, E.A.Ryabov were awarded the State Prize of Russian Federation in science and technology (2002) for their contribution to development of “Scientific and Technological Fundamentals of Laser Isotope Separation Based on Selective Dissociation of Molecules”;

Yu.E.Lozovik - “Nauka-Interperiodika” Prize for the best publication in physics (2002);

O.N.Kompanets - Grand-Prix and Diploma for the victory in the 2nd Competition of Russian Innovations (Moscow , 2003);

G.N.Makarov - “Nauka-Interperiodika” Prize for the best publication in physics (2003);

V.I.Balykin - The Alexandr fon Gumboldt Prize (Germany , 2004);

Yu.G.Vainer - Academician D.S.Rozhdestvensky Prize of Presidium of RAS for the notable works on optics (2004);

A.V.Naumov -
- Medal and Prize of Presidium of RAS for the young scientists of Russia (2004);
- European Academy of Sciences Prize for the young scientists of Russia, Division “Physics” (2004);
- Physica Status Solidi Young Researcher Award for his lectures offered at the 11th International Conference on Phonon Scattering in Condensed Matter (2004);
- SPIE Prize for the best poster lecture at the Higher Laser Workshop in memory of A.Akhmanov (2004);

V.S.Letokhov - Honoris Causa Doctor of Lund University (Sweden, 2005);

V.M.Agranovich - Honoris Causa Doctor of B.Pascal University (France, 2005).

The Institute of Spectroscopy has close connections with advanced research centers in Australia , Canada , China , Denmark , England , Finland , France , Germany , India , Italy , Japan , Korea , Spain , Switzerland , Sweden , USA , and carries out joint research works. 

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