Materia Nova

  Address Parc Initialis, Avenue Nicolas Copernic, 1 - Mons, Belgium
  Phone: +32 65 55 49 02
  Fax: +32 65 55 49 03

Materia Nova is a non-profit organisation, with its head office in the heart of the Initialis Science Park in Mons, Belgium. It employs more than 60 highly qualified researchers and technicians. It aims to work in partnership with businesses to build up new materials of the future, but also to improve those currently in use.

Materia Nova has the following objectives:

  • to carry out applied scientific research for industry and to carry out tests and analyses of all the materials used or produced by these industries;
  • to make its knowledge, expertise and equipment available to businesses in the form of technological guidance;
  • to aid the dissemination and development of results of research carried out in Wallonia and abroad which correspond to its area of expertise (technology watch);

For example, in the coating field, the Centre has developed new processes using strongly ionised plasmas in order to improve the quality of the thin films deposited on complex substrates.

Team members

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