Address Via delle Industrie, 5 - Venezia, Italy
  Phone: 39 049 7705500
  Fax: 39 049 7705555

Nanofab is the Venetian laboratory for the research on nanotechnologies applied to materials.
It is one of the first Italian laboratories for nanotechnology transfer to industrial production
and one of the most advanced technology platforms for the applications of scientific research
to enterprises.
Nanofab is part of the Italian Cluster for Nanotechnologies and was realized in 2003. It works
in strict connection with CIVEN (the association of the four Universities of the Veneto Region:
Padova, Venezia Ca’ Foscari, Verona and IUAV). CIVEN has the institutional aim of developing
technological platforms within public applied research projects, Nanofab on the other hand
has the task of interacting directly with industries performing the technology transfer.
Nanofab research activities are organized by CIVEN researchers, about 45 people, and a
scientific director, together with some other people like students from the associated
Universities. The research is mainly focused on the following fields:
surface treatments and coating deposition for mechanical (hard and low friction coatings),
protective (anti scratch and anti corrosion), decorative and functional (anti bacterial,
photocathalytic and self cleaning) applications;
treatments for leather and fabrics in atmospheric plasma (anti shrinkage for wool and
increasing wettability of leather and cotton);
nanostructured light alloys with high mechanical performances obtained by means of High
Velocity Compaction and sintering of metallic powders;
nanostructured polymers for mechanical (impact resistance) and functional (fire retardant,
anti bacterial, gas barrier) applications;
sensors and biosensors for environmental monitoring, food control, gene expression
investigation and microbiological diagnosis;
monitoring of fine, ultrafine and nano-particles in workplaces air, to estimate the exposure
of workers involved in nanotechological processes.

Team members

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