Address rue de Ransbeek, 310 - Brussels, Belgium
  Phone: +32 (0)2 264 20 71

Solvay is an international industrial group active in chemistry. Solvay Plastics is a leading world producer of specialty polymers and vinyls, and has the widest plastics range available. Solvay Chemicals is a world leading producer of essential chemical like soda ash, caustic soda, hydrogen peroxide and specialty chemicals like fluorinated products, ultra-fine fillers, high purity barium and strontium. Solvay group’s New Business Development (NBD) teams have been set up to create innovative materials and systems using leading edge technologies which go beyond those applied in Strategic Business Units (SBUs). Currently, it is focusing on 4 areas: organic/printed electronics, renewable energies, nanotechnologies and renewable based chemistry. In the field of nanotechnologies, Solvay is mainly interested in nanostructured surfaces and coatings.

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