Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

  Address Technion City - Haifa, Israel
  Phone: 972-4-8292111
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In operation since 1924, the Technion is the oldest university in Israel. Since its founding, the institute has educated three generations of men and women who have played a key role in laying the country’s infrastructure and establishing its crucial defense and high-tech industries. In the new millennium, Technion’s role at the forefront of the global network of science and technology has never been more vital.

 The university offers degrees in science and engineering, and related fields such as architecture, medicine, industrial management and education in an intellectually invigorating environment. Great emphasis is also placed on its humanities and social science programs, the incorporation of which take on ever-increasing importance in today’s multi-faceted workplace. But Technion’s goals go beyond providing a well-rounded technical education. At the institute, scientific instruction is interwoven with professional ethics, producing leaders sensitive to social and environmental issues.

The dissemination of knowledge doesn’t end in the classroom. The Technion actively publishes its discoveries in journals and popular manuscripts, and aims to spark scientific and technological interest among youth through popular lectures and programs. Technion laboratories are also dedicated to enhancing the country’s economy – they offer novel solutions, research facilities, and world-class expertise.

As a whole, the Technion is committed to its role as the country’s top facility for science and technology, a role that is necessary for the future of Israel and to all of humanity.

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