European post-graduate training on Nanofilms 2011-2012

The joint educational program will take place from fall 2011 to end 2012

The second teaching program on nanofilms is underway.

He should include 5 modules: deposition, characterization, mechanical applications, biological applications, and fundamentals. Each module will take place in a different country. A module is divided in two parts, separated by a day of social events. It includes advanced lectures and seminars. The program is opened to postgraduate students, and to engineers and researchers interested in nanofilms. In order to allow each participant to learn in the best conditions, only 25 places are available for each module.

So far, 4 VINF members have agreed to welcome a program in their premises:

-National University of Science and technology "Misis" (Russia)

-Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium)

-Institute of Materilas Science of Seville (Spain)

-Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (Germany)


VINF is an European association created in order to share knowledge. Therefore, if any of our readers wishes to bring his contributions to one of our modules, he is more than welcome. Any proposition will be carefully taken into consideration.