2018 - European Conference on NanoFilms

Cranfield University

We are delighted to take over the organisation of the fifth edition of the ECNF in 2018 after the successful edition in Bilbao in 2016 and host this 3-day conference in the U.K. for the first time. Recently, U.K. government representatives stated that although the country is leaving the EU, it is not leaving Europe. In this same line of thought, we trust that bringing this conference to the United Kingdom will be a good opportunity to strengthen our international network in nanofilms with European and international friends and collaborators. As a pro-EU university and a member of the Virtual Institute of Nanofilms (VINF), our local organising team is fully committed to offer an opportunity for the highest level of scientific exchange and industrial impact.

In this manner, ECNF 2018 will offer a unique opportunity to share some of the latest R&D work in nanofilms. It will truly be open to all active researchers and industrialists covering communications related with coatings and nanofilms developed by a wide range of processing techniques including ALD, CVD, MBE, plasma and thermal spray, PVD (evaporation, cathodic arc, sputtering, HiPIMS and PLD), and Sol-gel.

Cranfield is an exclusively postgraduate university that is a global leader for education and transformational research in technology and management. Our venue is located in the heart of the U.K. equidistant to Birmingham, Cambridge, Leicester, London and Oxford.

Look forward to seeing you!


Professor Jose L Endrino, Conference Chairman