COST CA17126

Call for presentations

Dear colleagues,

As you know we are starting the COST Action CA17126 ( You are either one of the Action proposers, you have shown your interest in the Action or we think that due to your work you can be interested in this Action, therefore, we want to invite you now to participate and contribute.

We would like to encourage you to send us "cases of interest" that can profit from this Action. We will make a selection of them to be presented in the First General Meeting that will take place in Madrid on November 19 and 20, 2018. We are mainly interested in cases in the spirit of the Action, i.e., spatio-temporal multiscale problems with industrial, scientific, technological or medical applications, which currently CANNOT be easily studied due to the lack of computational or experimental tools. The goal of the Action is to put in touch researchers from different fields to join efforts towards a better understanding of the electronic excitation phenomena and related applications.

Management Committee (MC) members from every participating country have already attended the first MC meeting and are aware about many details of the Action. You can approach your MC members for any doubt and you can discuss with them your proposals. Information about the Action and the MC composition in the webpage and in the attached presentation (summary of the first MC meeting).

Otherwise, you can directly send your proposal to your closest Working Group leader (list below). We suggest you to send a paragraph with a title to describe your proposal. It is important to highlight not only what it is known but what it is expected to be achieved by means of the collaborative work in simulation and experimentation provided by the Action network. In addition, the relevance of the proposal must be mentioned. Please, send your contribution before October 26.

We will try to bring to the First General Meeting as many presentations as possible. However, due to budget restrictions we cannot assure financial support to all the interested persons. Those with an accepted presentation and those who submit a proposal although not accepted due to time limitation will be prioritized.

Attached you will find the announcement of the meeting. Don't forget your MC members for more information.

Looking forward to receiving your proposals,








Juhász (HU)

Sokolowski (DE)


Electronic excitation

Sangalli (IT)

Grüning (UK)


Electron-lattice coupling

Fahy (IE)

Murphy (UK)


Macroscopic aspects

Djurabekova (FI)

Flores (ES)


Training, outreach, dissemination and technology transfer

Solov’yov (DE)


Zeitoun (FR)


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