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This page describes the advantages, conditions and procedures to become a member of VINF.

This membership gives access to highly valuable services and is conditioned by a yearly fee.

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Advantages to be a Member

VINF is an association of institutions and people that accede to membership through yearly fees.  The founding members have the status of Effective Members, meaning they have a voting right in the General Assembly. The members that will join VINF thereafter are referred as Associate Members and have no voting right in the General Assembly. It is however possible to upgrade associate members to Effective members in some circumstances described in VINF Bylaws.

New Associate Members accept VINF Statutes and Bylaws of VINF, in which the structure and the running rules of the Institute are described. Through annual membership fees, new members accede to several benefits such as:

  • Access to emerging research through collaboration within European, national and regional projects. VINF can help setting up a consortium thanks to its well implanted network. However, when VINF is core partner in a project, only its members will be funded for their participation
  • Scientific collaboration with the other VINF members. Interactions with group leaders, students, staff and other parts of organizations throughout Europe and elsewhere will enable the new member to reach corporate objectives; and
  • Ability to consult with experts in the field on matters pertaining to the preparation, characterization, and study of multifunctional thin films.
  • Access to expert opinion for solving scientific/technical issues about products or process;
  • Access to specialized equipment and instrumentation for the preparation, characterization and detailed study of thin films;
  • Possible access to new technologies within VINF partnership via licensing or technology transfer on agreed terms.
  • Unlimited access to VINF scientific databases containing information relevant to the nano films technology. This includes an access to scientific articles and patents of VINF members;
  • Regular communication about forthcoming events, organized by VINF and others.
  • Access to post-graduate training on nano films, and ability to jointly supervise research at all levels including PhD students
  • Access to specialist lecturers in the field for course participation or development. A-la-carte training can be offered on demand;
  • Promotion of young researcher’s mobility by offering mobility grants to its members; and
  • Preferential access to students and researchers for recruiting purposes.
  • Discount rate for attending VINF events such as conferences (European Conference on Nano Films (ECNF), workshops and trainings.

To Become a Member

To become a VINF Associate Member,

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