Post-graduate training program

Standing on its expertise, VINF launched the European Master Programme on Nano Films a training program with advanced lectures and seminars related to Nanofilms Science and Technology. The fundamental aim of the program is to provide education on available methodologies in the field of nanostructured thin films and coatings: preparation; characterisation; mechanical, optical and biomedical applications, and the fundamental aspects in clusters and nano-objects.

The programme is made of 5 thematic modules (I: Nano films Preparation; II: Nano films Characterization; III: Fundamental aspects; IV: Mechanical and Tribological applications; V: Biological applications). Each module is hosted by a different VINF partner and therefore participants have the opportunity to visit Universities and Research Centers all across Europe.
VINF ensures the coordination of the content of the program and the scheduling of places and dates.
Each module consists of 1 week of intensive courses composed of teaching (mostly plenary lectures given by experts from institutions members of VINF ) and training sessions.
The 5 modules are planned over a 24 months period. Students can follow 1 to 5 modules and the certificates will be independent for each module. The program is opened to post-graduate EC and non-EC students, and to engineers/researchers from SMEs dealing with issues in NanoFilms. Only 25 places available!
The first run (2009-2010) is strongly supported by FP6 through the NoE Excell.

If you wish to share your knowledge trough a lecture, an experimental training, ... please let us via the contact form.


A la carte training

VINF organises training seminars on demand, for universities, research centers or industries.

Demands should be addressed through the contact form.