The Virtual Institute of Nano Films is an international nonprofit association with scientific purpose, registered in Belgium since April 2007.fp6

VINF was set up by the Network of Excellence EXCELL funded by the European Commission through the FP6.

The Institute provides services and products to large companies, SMEs, universities, and research centres that

  • want to find scientific collaborators,
  • face technical or scientific issues,
  • need specific educational training.

In the large scope of Nanotechnology, VINF activities focus specifically on Nano-structured Films. It was established to overcome the fragmentation of European research in that specific field. VINF is actually the only network in Europe facilitating exchange amongst any organisations interested in NanoFilms, their applications and future technology. In a general sense, the term "nano-structured" (or "nano-sized coatings") includes single- as well as multi-phase materials in which at least one dimension is smaller than 100 nm. This definition includes multi-phase, nano-structured coatings of any thickness, as well as single- or multi-phase coatings with a thickness of less than 100 nm.


Download the flyer of VINF in PDF