NANOINDENT - Creating and disseminating novel nanomechanical characterisation techniques and standards

FP7-NMP-2007-CSA-1 - Coordination and support action

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Pile up around and indent on ion-implanted glass


In the frame of the FP7, NANOINDENT is a 3 years project started in September 1st, 2008, which involves 17 European partners, including universities, research centres, manufacturers and VINF.

NANOINDENT project aims to gather, improve, catalogue and present characterisation techniques, methods and equipment for nanomechanical testing. European-wide activities coordinated by VINF will improve existing nanoindentation metrology to reveal structure-properties relationship at the nano-scale. These methods are the only tools to characterise nanocomposite, nanolayer and interface mechanical behaviours in the nanometre range. This work will also lay down a solid base for subsequent efforts for defining and preparing new standards to support measurement technology in the field of nanomaterials characterisation.
Steps include development of the classical and the dynamic nanoindentation method and its application to new fields, application of modified nano-indenters to new fields as scratching and wear measurement, firm and uniform determination of instrumental parameters and defining new standard samples for the new applications.

VINF will disseminate information based on a new “Nanocharacterisation database” built on two definite levels: on a broader level partners will inventory and process all novel nanocharacterisation techniques and, in narrower terms, they will concentrate on nanomechanical characterisation. This will be achieved through the synchronisation of efforts set around a core of round robins but the database will include data of other channels as parallel research work and literature search.

The development and definition of new standards and good practices will support design of intrinsically safe nanomaterials for wide industrial applications.