MBN Research Center

  Address Altenhöferallee 3 - Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  Email: solovyov@mbnresearch.com

MBN RC develops MBN Explorer and MBN Studio software

MBN (MesoBioNano) Explorer is a powerful software package for multiscale simulations and visualisation of complex molecular structure and dynamics.It has many unique features, a wide range of applications in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Material Science, and Industries.

MBN Studio a special multi-task software toolkit with graphical user interface developed for MBN Explorer. It helps setting up calculations with MBN Explorer, monitoring their progress and examining the calculation results. The graphical utility enables to visualise selected inputs and outputs. A number of built-in tools allows for the calculation and analysis of specific systems’ characteristics. A special modelling plug-in allows constructing a large variety of molecular systems built of arbitrary atomic and molecular constituents.

Team members

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