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 The research activities of the Politechnical University in the field of coatings are:

  1. Sputtered metallic nanostructured films on glasses. Long term research activity with the SIV Company, the most important glass producer in Italy. The research did an assessment on the instability of films under ageing and degradation of their optical properties. The research in six years assessed the kinetics of transition from amorphous to nanocrystal state for a series of metals sputtered in industrial plant, by defining their thermodynamic stability and innovative performances producing multifunction, multi-layer active strong coatings operating as shield of electromagnetic camps, with variable optical properties. The company remained proprietary of results.
  2. Development of manufacturing processes, novel design and modelling criteria of high tech composites and ceramic coatings), in the frame of National High Tech programs funded Ministry of Scientific Research, coordinated by ENEA , including Ansaldo, Flametal and Universities operating in nanostructured coatings for high temperatures.
  3. Project “Long life Tool” with Teksid, major producer of car die-cast components in aluminum. The project aims at the study systems to improve performance of die cast tools, now commonly nitrided, with new coatings able to act as heat barrier with high wear resistance. A consortium of MS (medium, small size) companies of tool manufacturing and tool user is creating with the support of the Regional industrial association and University to perform investigations on nanocomposite coatings and favourable technologies to use for deposition. Dissemination of results to the national tool users & manufacturers is also included by organizing local meetings and exhibitions.

Key researchers of this unit have a long and well-established experience in the characterisation of nanostructured films and composites The characterization is devoted to microstrucure and mechanical properties, to structural stability and mechanical properties under the effect of high temperature, stresses, creep, thermal cycling and fatigue. The elastic properties are detected with internal friction. The industrial applications are also investigated taking into account the relationship of the textured surface of substrate and the growth of the coatings. The industrial applications range from mechanics, to electronic, biomaterials, functional coatings. A complete microstructural characterisation involves techniques able to provide information on both the surface structure and the inner structure of the films included the state of the interfaces between the different layers. Further expertise of the Ancona group in the field of Metallurgy includes:

  • High temperature deformation of bulk materials (ferrous and non-ferrous)
  • Heat treatment response of metals
  • Fracture analysis

Team members

Daniele Ciccarelli
Marcello Cabibbo
Mohamad El-Mehtedi
Paola Ricci
Stefano Spigarelli